Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Items- EMT gel and Super Glue.

I've used EMT Gel practically every trip for the last 5 years- even on myself! That stuff is awesome. Rumor has it that it has super glue in it- don't think that is right, but it is good stuff. I have one scar on my right knee from a barbed wire fence in Texas. I got hung up crossing to get to Bo on point on a covey of quail. I could see him, so I really didn't think anything of it when I felt a little cut and torn jeans. I got down there and we chased birds for an hour or so. When I noticed my socks were wet and the ground was dry, I took some time to take a look. I was flayed open for about 4" and over a 1/4" deep. Wasn't much I could do at that point- besides, we had coveys everywhere and the dogs were on point again. I grabbed some EMT gel, slapped some on the cut, put my pants back on and shot some birds. What a great day! And I have the scar to prove it. (I considered a tetanus shot- doesn't the 10 I got as a kid count?) I use it on the dogs all the time for holes and cuts. Super glue is in my kit too- developed to close wounds, it works like a champ. Although I haven't used that one on myself yet.......
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