Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A different slant on the election. Who is looking out for the birdhunter?

I'm not a political creature.  I pay attention, I vote for who I think would do the best job (in this case, leading the country.), and I demand a certain sense of character/decorum/attitude from that person.  Long "coffee house" discussions bore me, and I've noticed they are usually more about the speaker than about the issue.  Speaking of issues, The big ones, Defense, Security, the Common Good, etc are obviously most important. After all that, how about the really minor stuff? Who's looking out for us?

For example, the Public Land issue out West has been a brief flare now and then in the news.  What would Hillary or Bernie or Donald or Ted or Marco do with them?  Would they turn them over to the states?  Would they continue to keep the Federal ownership and accessible to all of us?  I think the answers might surprise a few people. 

This is a BLM map of a piece of NM. Each square is a square mile (640 AC.). Currently, all of it, except the white squares, belongs to you- almost all of it huntable without permission.   This is an example of what's available to the hunting sportsman right now. Will the states do a better job of protecting it and still allow access?