Thursday, February 18, 2016

Some Photos of Oklahoma Hunting by Christine Harrison

Blues sauntering by.
Running into Robert Wagnon and Christine Harrison proved to be fortuitous.  Little did I know, when I invited them to hunt with me the next day, that Christine is a professional photographer! My first clue was the very expensive camera with huge lens attached dangling from her neck, but slung out of the way so that her shotgun would not bang it.  Robert told me she likes to take pictures almost as much as shooting quail! These are some of the pictures she took during our day strolling the Oklahoma prairie.  

Checking a large roost.

Watering Cap

Robert and Me

Where'd they go?

Me and Cap

We had a great day chasing covey after covey through the sand dunes and Christine captured a lot of it on film.  She really knows her way around a camera, and she and Robert were delightful companions in the field.