Sunday, March 17, 2013

Looking for a pocket holster?

Do you carry a concealed weapon?  In Georgia, my home state, it is legal to carry a concealed weapon, with a permit.  Of course, our autos are considered an extension of our homes and it is also permitted to carry a weapon there without a permit. 

I do, in fact, "carry".  Not all the time and not every place, and some places such as churches and government buildings, it is not permitted (I can only suppose that is so that we don't start shooting lawyers).  All the political arguments aside, there are some practical considerations involved when you decide to place a concealed weapon on your body.  First, it must be accessible. Second, it must be concealed (duh!). Third, it must be comfortable.

For me, a pocket carry is just fine, either my clothing or jacket, etc.  I looked around and found several cheap designs and tried them, but they all came up short.  Either they would wear out quickly, slide around in my pocket, or cause difficulty in getting the firearm out of the pocket.  None of these is desirable.

Mikas Holster and my .38 Smith and Wesson
A friend introduced me to "Mikas Pocket Holsters"- seen here.   Robert Mikas, in Wisconsin, hand makes every holster (he even signs and dates the interior). Shown above is my .38 Smith Airweight.  When you order, he gets the make, model, frame, etc. from you so he can match the holster to the gun. Don't worry, if he has any questions, he will call you and make sure he understands before he makes the holster, so ensure your contact information is correct. 

Interior showing autograph and smooth leather

After wearing the holster several days, I appreciate the way it is stable in the pocket and, if the gun is drawn, the gun comes out and the holster does not.  Robert told me the holster is manufactured such that it is also easy to get the gun BACK IN the holster- not a feature on most pocket holsters.
All in all, I do like the holster.  The cost is moderate, under $30 and I think the quality is excellent.  Occasionally,  I leave the gun in my locked vehicle, and it would be nice if there were a removable strap to secure the gun while not on the body.  I'm sure he could make one, if asked.
The website is:  I encourage you to go and browse.  He makes many different types of holsters and other items as well!