Friday, December 28, 2012

Take a New Guy Hunting!

If our sport, or better yet, passion, is to grow and be available for generations to come, we need to introduce young people to the sport.  We need to inspire and encourage them to be the good stewards we try to be.  The principles of fair chase, gentlemanly conduct in the field, the idea of "the horse, the saddle, the man" for a priority of actions- all these must be taught.  These principles are not normal or common in many parts of the country and world, unfortunately. 

Ace and Daisy Pointed, Rhys looking for Woodcock

I've always maintained I can tell a lot about a man (or woman) and whether I really want to maintain a relationship (professional or sporting) after bird hunting with them for a few hours.  All the baloney is stripped away and one can see the real person pretty quickly when chasing a bird dog through heavy cover or over a wheat field, etc. 
Shlepping through Woodcock Cover

The best way to instill those values is to take the younger folks out with you and let them see YOU model the good behavior.  Along the way, you will be amazed at the opportunities you will have to talk about everything under the sun.  A great way to pass down some important learning and influence the follow on generation.....

Ace Pointing Woodcock- bird is just visible!