Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dog Food Contamination Again?

Diamond Pet Foods makes Taste Of The Wild dog food. I've been feeding TOW and I've been very pleased with the results in my hunting dogs (field trial and hunting Brits) and pets. However, I just learned of yet another recall by Diamond. This time it is my favorite TOW! Crap. Sorry, but it angers me to think I've been feeding contaminated feed, EXPENSIVE contaminated feed to my hunting companions. Yeah, these are just dogs, but they are my dogs and I put countless hours and dollars in to their care and well-being.  You know, I just (last year) went through all this searching for a better feed for performance and health and now I think it's been wasted! It appears this South Carolina plant consistently has a problem with quality control.  Originally, I posted "I'm off Diamond and looking for another feed.....again.".  I'm not so sure now, but if I can find a suitable, available alternative, I think  this may be the last straw!