Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Old Ball and Chain and Cap

Apparently, the old Ball and Chain reads Facebook.  Also, apparently, my blog links to Facebook.  So, to put this in a nutshell, I was greeted with "You're going on a long trip?" as I walked through the front door. That's when I managed to use my 6 seconds of remaining life to explain that this was going to be on my 65th birthday (3 seasons hence) and she was integral in the planning and execution of said trip.  Also, I might have mentioned (things get hazy here as I could feel my life force evaporating in the laser glare of my lovely wife) about the motor home and living accomodations, her flying home to check things out occasionally, etc.  It may have appeared, to the untrained eye, that I was babbling and trying to save my skin, but my coherent and cogent statement of facts enabled me to escape....er...leave, with some sort of dignity.  Whew!  That, my friends, was a close one.