Monday, March 5, 2012

The Journey

Randy and Ace
(Photo take by Nancy Whitehead)

So, I'm thinking a big trip may be on the horizon. I don't mean a week or two, although two week hunting trips are what keep bird hunters sane and walking upright- me, at least.  No, I mean one of those around the country hunting  numerous species kind of hunts.  One of those hunts you read about.   I'm thinking about timing and I realize three things are required for a successful foray.  First, you need the inclination to proceed.  You need to be the type  to get up every day and, after thanking God for another day on the green side of the grass, think "I could be in Idaho, or Alaska, or North Dakota, or Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California" and on an on! Second, you would need the where-with-all.  You need to have the dollars to put diesel in the F-250, buy licenses in 10 states and feed those bird finding buddies of yours.  Lastly, you need the time.  Time, alas, it the one thing that cannot be earned.  There is a guarantee that it will end, come to a halt. (The numbers are out of one people die.) Usually, the ending will be without preamble.  So, time is critical and not to be wasted or squandered on inconsequential things.  

I have all three items in my pocket right now.  This is not to say I won't lose one or all of them one day, but now looks like a good time to plan a bird hunting odyssey. So, a few big questions arise....

1.)  Where to go? 
2.)  When to go? 
3.)  How to go? 
4.) Who to go with?  (With whom to go?...I never could get that straight!) 

I'll explore this more as I work through the issues involved.