Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shoot and Release Hunting

Cap Pointing a Brush Pile
Ruby Pointing a Quail in a Tree
Robert's Cotton
 Today saw some stuff not normally seen in bird hunting. The
first was Ruby pointing a valley quail in a tree.  The second involved the new eco-friendly shoot and
release program!
I made a nice shot on one quail in a brushy draw high above the north
bank of the Snake River. When Cap went in for the retrieve, he found
the bird just fine, but it was stuck in the top of a bush! So, I
wandered over to the bird and picked it out of the bush. Then, to get
some training in, I dispatched the bird and tossed it to a clear area
to get a retrieve from Cap and Bandit. Immediately as the bird hit the
ground, it got up, dusted off his feathers and ran on out of there.
Much to my chagrin, none of the dogs on the ground could find the
bird. Ah, bird hunting!