Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tritronics Classic 70 G3 EXP- It don't wurk good wit' no antenna, Bubba!

For some reason, the antenna on my Tritronics Classic 70 G3 EXP disappeared.  I admit it had been some time since I checked the security of the antenna.  WARNING!  When you are in the field, it is a bad time to lose an antenna, with no back up. My options at this point are: I can order one from Tritronics and get it 2 days later or drive to Bismarck (240 mile roundtrip) to purchase another one.  Two mistakes I made: one is not checking the security of any antenna I have, pre-hunt or every day.  Second, I should have extra antennas on board for the eventually of loss or damage to one.  Actually, I did have an extra....last year in MN, I sat on a rock and heard a "crunch".  It was the antenna on the TT which had been dangling from a secure holder on my belt!  Oops! But, I had a backup antenna in the truck and all was well. Do you think I would order another set?  Of course not.....   I have double backup antennas for my Garmin... and today I will get another Tritronics antenna at Scheels, in Bismarck, when I go to get my wife at the airport.  Dude, it's cheap insurance.  Do not go in the field with out extras of everything- any part that can break, wear out, or get lost..
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