Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. Rooster and I have a date!

Two young dogs and one experienced campaigner and I will tackle however many birds are left in the SW North Dakota wheat fields.  Reports vary from, "More than I've ever seen!" to "Walked all day and moved 2 roosters." I suspect I'll find the middle ground.  My pups are ready for the running demons- they've been on Sharptails, Huns and Ruffs the past year.  These birds won't mess them up now.  I would like to just watch their faces when the big rooster comes out of the grass, but dropping the thing is more important right now.  Travel day tomorrow and Wednesday.  By sunrise Thursday, Mountain Time, you can mentally watch me turn a pair of Brits loose, shoulder the old 20 ga. and step off in to the grass for another adventure with my buddies.......
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