Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Georgia Region NSTRA Championships This Weekend

For those not associated with NSTRA, every year each region (there are a bunch- 27?) has a final trial to determine a champion.  To be in the final trial, a dog must already be a NSTRA Champion or have placed in a field trial (1-3) in that region during that trial year.  So, you can see, every time you run a dog, you will be running against a proven winner.  The GA Region trial will be at 4-Star Plantation, outside of Elberton, GA starting at 0730 Saturday morning.  My dog is ready and so am I.  Since even the best dog in the world still needs that 15% luck, we are hoping to get a dash of that and perhaps make a run of it.  I do know that a few dogs in the region have really been getting better with every trial and they are on a roll.  They will be peaked and ready to rumble! Well, whatever happens, it will be a fun weekend and a fitting way to end the trial year.