Thursday, December 9, 2010

Short Kansas Hunt on the Horizon

So, I'm sitting around the estate, you know, all the workers are off cleaning the stables or stocking the fishing ponds, or counting the wild coveys out in the back 10,000, and I suddenly realize I haven't been on the road in more than a month (well, almost)!  I buzz up a few friends and got the readings on Kansas.  They all pretty much say the same thing- some good days, some bad days, but any day in the field with a dog is better than any day at the office.  So, I ran the possibility of a kitchen pass by the Old Ball and Chain and managed to get a signed pass for one week commencing on the 14th of Dec.! (Didn't cost me much more than a Lexus LS 460 delivered by Christmas!)  My pups are ready for some wild birds and my broke dogs are ready for something more than field trials.   By the way, my two pups, Cap (Brit/M) and Ruby (Brit/F) and really progressing nicely with solid points and OK retrieves. I wish I could get more pictures of them, but I'm training alone and carrying a camera is tough.  I really need to video Cap when he hits scent- wow! Yesterday, he acted like a broke dog twice his age as he worked with me to find a bird that moved after I planted it.  It was a picture for the books!