Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Strikes the Southland- Dog Den 2 to the rescue! Update 11/26/13

A Cold Day in Georgia

UPDATE-  (11/26/2013)
I just ordered my 4th Dog Den 2!  Those that follow this BLOG know I had 11 puppies and kept two of the perfect Brittany bird dogs. They are 12 weeks old this coming Sunday and just now it is 36 degrees with rain and wind at 20-30 mph. Tomorrow night the low will be 15 degrees and the wind will still be blowing!  For the South, that is cold!  Even in North Dakota, it's not short-sleeve weather! I tried heat lamps for the little guys and bunking up with the big boys, etc., but, finally, I ordered them their own Don Den- just like mom and dad! They will have the heater installed, as well.  Snug and warm and not burning energy just to stay warm.  It not only keeps them energized the next day, but contributes to their quality and length of life. Good food, clean water and dry, warm sleeping will keep your prize hunting/trialing dogs at the top of their game for a long, long time. 

I know my friends in the north will laugh at our little bit of cold weather (and I was raised in Alaska), but I have to say, I don't care who you are- it's cold out there!  Of course, when I call up to South Dakota, or North Dakota, I get a real awakening about how cold this country can get.  God bless you guys! They are calling for a wind chill of 4 degrees tonight, so I made sure the bird dogs had plenty of good hay in the boxes and good shelter from the wind.  I also decided it was time to upgrade to a first class dog box- so I ordered some K-9 Condo dog houses (Dog Den 2 variety).  I have a friend that put them out for his dogs and they LOVE them- summer and winter.  I'm looking forward to their arrival.  

See the link below to read about them.