Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update of Garmin Astro

Wow, I had a time, but it was all my fault.  It is true that “garbage in, garbage out” and also, “Read the instructions, Stupid!”. 

I upgraded one of my Garmin GPS collars to check out the new software- as per the instructions (leaving the other one alone- just in case).  It does lock on faster, but I can’t give any input as to saving the battery life, yet.

 So, just after the upgrade, my unit was not picking up the collar.  I tried re-loading the software, cycling on/off, taking outside so it could see the stars, bought it a nice dinner with flowers- everything I could think of.  Still no go. It was now 2330 and I’m normally not up past 2100.  So, I took my two companion animals and hit the rack.  This a.m. I had the inspiration to go the Garmin website/Support/Webupdater and update my handheld.  Did that- no go. My collar is happily blinking away with 3 blinks (the indication that the upgrade was successful in the collar) but it wasn’t talking to my handheld.  I deleted the collar and re-installed it (three times- What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.).  After all this, I decided to LOOK at the collar information displayed on the handheld and noticed that the update rate was………”0”.  Hum, mayhaps that could be a problem?  At the collar window on the handheld, I hit menu/change comm settings and changed the little “zero” to a little “five”.   I could have saved myself hours of fiddling if I’d only read the information in front of me. 

Bottom line: follow the instructions, take your time, brush your teeth, love your momma, and don’t go to bars with loose women. 

Hope this helps.