Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bird Forecast

I am getting quail, pheasant and Ruffed, Sharptail grouse forecasts sent to me everyday now.  For Grouse, WI, MI and MN all look good as last year- info by state survey.  Pheasant: ND, SD are up to their tailgates in birds (info from farmers depending on area- check DNR sites), KS looks good for pheasant and quail (check areas). NM quail looks good in SE and SW.  I don't have anything on TX quail yet. I must admit I like to hunt public land when I can and I've not found a lot of land in TX that didn't cost me a bunch- there is public land in TX, however, in WMA's (Matador, etc.).  Haven't found an ID Chukar forecast yet, but I'll have one from personal observation by the end of the month.

CRP- my farmer friends in ND have already told me that a lot of the CRP will be in production next year.  As you well know, CRP is critical to pheasant production.  While this year will be another bumper year for pheasant, next year remains problematic.