Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where to Go?

Ain't it great to plan a hunt? This time of year, along with the puppy-raising and living-making going on, it's fun to start the "where will I hunt next season" line of thinking. 

Lots goes into that, obviously.  My main consideration is the amount of drive time.  I'm pretty good with anything  within 1000 miles of the farm.  That puts me in WI and NM, KS and SD and associated states. I can leave one day and be on the ground, well rested, before noon the next day.  Longer than 1000 miles, I go up to 1300 miles and it's more of an evolution.  So, I tell the ball and chain, if I'm going to drive that far, I'll need to stay a little longer to justify that trip!  Works for me!