Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Animal Shelter in the County?

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Animal Shelter in Pike County
There was a meeting concerning an animal shelter in Pike county last night.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend and would like to get some information about that meeting.  Being such a rural county, it's easy for newcomers to think they can move in and open the front door to let Fido roam.  Lot's of reasons why that is a bad decision!  Just driving the roads and seeing the number of dogs killed by cars should deter anyone contemplating that course of action.  I am in favor of some sort of animal control in Pike, but I have my concerns about the members at the table in this discussion.  I read in the paper that HSUS was here.  I doubt they are here to help.  (That's a little like the saying, "I'm from the government, I'm here to help!")
HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) is my biggest concern. The do not own or operate one shelter.  They are a political, animal RIGHTS organization and push anti-hunting, anti-farming/ranching legislation.  In fact, given the opportunity to maintain the Animal Shelter in Washington, DC, they backed out. (in 1995).  They are a multi-million dollar international organization which supplies NO MONEY to shelters.    If they want to help, give us the money to put the shelter in- they have plenty ($200+million). I hope the paper was wrong and they are not here.  They are a big proponent of PETA, also.  PETA is the group that, it's alleged, supported the release of rats used in AIDS research. PETA's stated goal was never to see a restrained animal and for all Americans to be Vegans (pure vegetarians)- by law!  PETA is a big proponent of ALF (Animal Liberation Front).  I could go on and on.  Why do I care?  I raise and train and hunt and compete with my bird dogs.  You can see how my activities are anathema to HSUS and PETA.

Do we need animal control in Pike County- yes!   Do we need the likes of HSUS here- NO!   We can do this without them.  We should contact the American Humane Society.  They operate shelters, at least, and have a clear connection to ANIMAL WELFARE.