Monday, November 2, 2009

It works great! Keep your birds frozen!

I had the usual dilemma of bird hunter everywhere- how do I get the harvest home without spoiling or defrosting? Last year, on my way home from Kansas after duck hunting with some great friends, I stopped in the WallyWorld in Pratt, KS. The were selling dry Ice. I gave it some thought and bought 10# to lay on the top of my frozen birds. It worked great- kept them solid for 2 more days until I could get them home.

This year, going from ND to WI for more bird hunting, I had a cooler with my Pheasant possession limit in the back and needed them to stay frozen for 5 more days. A quick search located a dry ice retailer in Fargo, ND. 30# this time kept them frozen from Tuesday until Saturday. The guy in Fargo was only a mile off the interstate and didn't slow me down much.

It isn't that cheap- about $1/lb., but I think it's worth it to keep the catch fresh. They wrap it in heavy brown paper and give you a warning about breathing it (for the moron). Definitely worth the extra effort.