Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I leave in 4 days for pheasant hunting. It turns out that of the 3 guys that will be in ND hunting together, we all three will be in different vehicles! No problem- gas is cheap......go figger! Since I'm only taking my three dogs, I'll leave the trailer at home and take the dog box and 1 crate. I will look a a little like the Klampett's, but it's a lot easier to maneuver on those farm roads and I think I'll be saving a little of that diesel. You know, I was filling up at the RaceTrac the other day and paying $3.66/gallon for diesel and thinking it was cheap! The mind tricks we can play! It was better than the $4.89/gallon I was paying a month ago, I suppose. It's falling fast here in GA- come on down!

I'm going through that checklist we downloaded. It's a great thing! So nice to be able to have a starting point- I'm so lazy I had to have someone else provide it.