Tuesday, April 16, 2024

This one is a pistol.

Jade (JD) 10 mos. 

JD and me- AZ Desert

Maybe it's just me, but puppies seem to be getting smarter.  OR, I suppose I'm not. This little demon might just be the end of me.  She is 100% what I asked for from the breeder.  Like an idiot, I said "big runner, on the ragged edge of control, tough, smart".  You know the adage, "Be careful what you pray for, you may get it."  

She is not two years old, yet.  But, she just finished her second season hunting 6 western states.  I put no pressure on her at all.  What she learned was to quarter, stay in the county, and keep me in sight- all good stuff! I did break her to retrieve, and she's really good at that and enjoys it immensely.  Her pointing and steadiness were spotty, however. 

The last two months all that changed.   We are using pen-raised quail, but she hits them like they are Sharptails in the alfalfa.  By the time June rolls around, I'll have a steady little bird dog ready to join in the line up.  There are few feelings of satisfaction more gratifying!