Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Podcast from A Bird Hunters Thoughts- Turn 'em Loose. Picking a Puppy #2

Randy gets to go down to the breeder's farm and pick out the puppy he wants.  He has "pick of the litter" for two litters born a week apart.  Looking for a  liver, female, he has some specific ideas about what is important in picking out a new puppy.  Luckily, he found exactly what he was looking for! Please like, subscribe and share!    www.abirdhuntersthoughts.com . #abirdhuntersthoughts. #endlessoctoberbook. #oldmanbirdhunting Don't forget to look on the right side of my home page on my BLOG, click support, and contribute any amount.  It will help.  You guys are awesome!  My wife asked me why I do all this.  The answer is because I wish, when I started bird hunting, I had all this technology available to have an idea what to expect when I turned that dog loose.  Maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to avoid some of the bad stuff, and enjoy more of the good stuff after watching, reading, or listening.  I sincerely hope so! 

FYI:  I bought Jade at this breeder.  https://www.carterbrittanykennels.com   I recommend them.  I did not receive any consideration.  They are a first class operation.  

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FlyBoy's Brown Shuga Jade (Jade)