Friday, July 22, 2016

Gear that works! The WingWorks Vest.

Quite a while ago, I bought a WingWorks Vest from Bob Welsh, in Idaho.  I did a report then and praised its design and durability.  Subsequently, it turned into my everyday vest.  Recently, I learned several enhancements have been incorporated.  I was looking for something with a bigger bird bag, also a holster for a sidearm.  Bob told me he is incorporating the "Molle" attachement system to the vest, so multiple options will be available for a better customizaion.  The website ( has been updated and there are numerous options, phone cases, sidearm holsters, water carriers, etc., available.  Here is a short YouTube video showing a few of the options:
#birddogsandbirdhunting, bird dogs and bird hunting
My original WW Vest (Photo by Nancy Whitehead) 2011 

Note: Bob sent me this vest free-of-charge for evalutation in my "Gear that Works" series. In that regard, I have been compensated.  I am a long time user and fan of the WingWorks Vest and have not received any other compensation before or since.