Thursday, August 27, 2015

Product Review: Spot Satellite Locator

HELP! I've fallen, and I can't........

(Let me say, I am not connected with this product, other than I've bought several and use them.)

I will not hunt without this product.  It may not be turned on and tracking, but I will have it on my person and available. Who knows when I'll step in a hole and break a leg? Get stuck 20 miles down a two-track in Montana? Or any other of the myriad of things that can and do happen to traveling bird hunters. World-wide coverage, excellent reliability and peace of mind.  I paid $149 for this one and $149/year for all the features. I also paid an extra $49/year for tracking updates every 5 min. (They go to a separate tracking page you can make public or private, to individuals.). I noticed, last week, they had a sale of 50% of the unit, if you were getting new service. (Would have been nice for the "old heads" to get 50% off to upgrade. But, I don't make the rules.). I've personally used one of these for 8 years, now, and I've had no connection problems. 

Bottom line, get one, or one like this. Give yourself, and your loved ones, some peace of mind. (And don't make your wife wait 7 years for the life insurance pay-out, while they look for you down that mineshaft in Nevada you were poking around!)

This is a BUY NOW.