Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Season Full of Memories

Here are some random pics of me and my hounds from this year/hunting season.  I put 32,000 miles on the Beast, bought licenses in seven states, hunted and harvested nine species of upland bird and loved every single minute.

Cap has a good "off season"- NE
Mearns Quail Country- Southern AZ

Blue, Scaled Quail- NM

Cap (Brit) and Zella on a covey of Blues- NM

Shack (16 months) on covey of Blues- NM

Mearns Quail- AZ

Wally- AZ

Shack and Bobwhites- OK

Pearl and Rooster- NE

Ace and Rooster- SD

Long Walk to the Truck- SD

Is that a Rooster I hear?- SD

Pheasant Amigos- SD

Ruffed Grouse Habitat- WI


Ace and Sharpie- MT

Me Shooting Sharpie over Ace Point- MT

Shack (12 Months)  and Hun Retrieve- MT

Ruby admiring her best buddy (Cap)- MT

Ace and Hun- MT

Shack and his first Sharptail over a point- MT

Pearl and her first Sharptail- MT

Cap backing- MT

Another season comes to a close.  My long-suffering-wife reminded me I promised not to mope around the house after my last trip.  Sorry, Honey, can't comply.  Only 7 months to bird season!