Saturday, November 8, 2014

There's one in every town.

No matter where you hunt in the West, head to Main St. for breakfast.

Here, in Woodward, OK, the temptation was great to turn south to Wally World and the strip fast food joints. Old town was north and the Beast knew the way. A local cafe is the best breakfast with the most news and is way more fitting to a bird hunting trip. Pull-in parking, booths and a counter with swivel seats, waitresses ('servers taking care of me' need not apply) that have  coffee on the table almost before I get comfy.  She's fast and has no time for "California ordering". Lots of ball caps and old men discussing crops or the football team or politics. 

This is flyover country. Mocked, sneered at (sometimes with a mouth full of food- ironic!), not worth thinking about to many.  This is the oil patch and cattle country. There are lots of hardworking men driving big trucks and cussing  and knocking dust off their jeans before they come in. 

While last year's Miss Oklahoma explains the weather on the TV, conversation is varied and lively as the coffee kicks in. 

I do like the old Cafe. It's survival is assured, as long as there are working men and women in small towns. It's part of the fabric of our country. 
May I recommend the "Thunder Omelette' with daily-made, fresh salsa! 

I'm off to chase Mr. Bob. First up is my main man, Ace. His co-star this morning will be my puppy, Shack. Stay tuned!