Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some of my favorite bird dog pictures from back in the day.

New England, ND  (read the fine print)
"Gotcha!" Cap on Chukar ID

Cap on Chukar covey in the rocks

Ace and Hungarian Partridge Idaho

Ace hit a covey of Blue Quail hard in TX

Me and the guys in ND

Momma and her favorite, Cap, in ND

Bo, 2001 QU National Champion

Ace and Pheasant ND

Ace and limit ND

Cap and Gambles AZ

Cap and his first Sharptail Grouse MT

NSTRA CH Randy's Rednecked Ruby

Cap and Sharptail MT
Worn out pup Chukar hunting ID
Ruby and Valley Quail ID
ND- the end of the bird hunting rainbow! 

Momma's first Bobwhite on the rise! GA