Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hunting Coat for Christmas ****Update***** It Arrived!

Harkila Hunting Coat

I ordered this coat on a Friday.  It arrived today, Wednesday, the next week, via DHL.  Actually, it arrived Tuesday, but the driver would not deliver due to my attack yard dogs (!?) and came back today for another attempt.  We get that sometimes when city drivers come to the country.  I don't blame them, in a way, if they don't know the rules about country dogs.  Anyway, when I opened the package, the sweet aroma of leather hit me right up front.  

This hunting coat is everything they said it was.  Plenty large in the chest to measure yourself and order your chest size without adding inches.  It will have enough room for a wool sweater underneath, no problem.  (Like the website says, however, if your belly is bigger than your chest, order your belly size.).  The pockets are large enough to hold shells and are down far enough for easy access.  I intend to hunt with a vest over the top for the orange coloring of the vest and for all the stuff I carry in the vest, so I'm not too worried about shell pockets, but if you wanted to slide a light orange vest over the top, you could carry plenty in the ample pockets.  There are two handwarmer pockets, as well. 

Of course, there are pocket snaps from the handwarmer pockets to hold up the leather trimmed flaps over the shell pockets while in use.  

The overall quality of the leather is exceptional.  It is smooth, supple and strong.  The snaps are large and very secure.  There is a drawstring around the waist to keep the coat snug in strong winds. This coat is not light and not a "technical" product, although it may have been considered that a 100 years ago.  This a throwback to the days of leather and wool and side by sides and bird dogs with bells on their necks.  

This is the Harkila Hunting Coat from Scandinavia.  I'm going to Nebraska in a week or so, to chase a few pheasant.  Most likely, I will encounter some lovely Nebraska winter weather and have a chance to give this coat a workout.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it performs behind my Ace dog with snow flying, rooters cackling smack and 20 ga. Prairie Storm lead headed downrange..... Dang, my hair is standing on end right now just thinking about it!