Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finally! It looks like Ruby is ready!

She normally comes in around March. I know exactly, because that is the around the time we have the Georgia Championships for NSTRA. A female in heat cannot participate in a NSTRA trial, so for the last two years she's be unable to go out and have a good time at that event. This year, however, she did not start her cycle. The one year when I was set to breed her to Ace, my main dog who is 8 now, she does not even come in to season!  I was disappointed, to say the least, but I realized I had three great bird dogs and a season of hunting ahead- where's the downside to that?  We are not sure why she didn't come in, perhaps the coccidia infection from NM or AZ in January?  Vet says that could slow her up as her body fought the infection then fattened up afterwards. 

Either way, it's been 8 days since she started bleeding and it's time to introduce Ace to his girlfriend. Puppies in 60 days, my friends!