Friday, November 11, 2011

The Kids and Me

End of the Rainbow

My Top Dog Ace and Me

I'm already in withdrawal.  That's the problem with an addiction, you can never get enough.  I'm extremely thankful for my circumstances and the time I have available to be able to hunt all over the country- believe me.  November and December are difficult months to plan a hunt, with all the Holidays. 

I even drew a quota hunt on one of the Wildlife Management areas here in Georgia- managed exclusively for quail- and I don't want to miss that one! That will be one day for 3 people on 9000 acres that was originally an exclusive private hunting plantation.  Hopefully, I'll be able to take my daughter's fiance, who's never hunted before, and introduce him to this wonderful passion of mine.  ( is sponsoring an "Introduce a New Hunter" program). 

Next hunt should be Kansas!  The reports from New Mexico and dismal- and I hate that.  I really like hunting that harsh, dry terrain.  Maybe they will get the Spring rains they need and there will be a bumper crop of Blues next year....

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