Saturday, July 2, 2011

Speaking of Snakes

I just vaccinated my pup, CAP.  He was too young last year to administer the vaccine, made by Red Rock Biologic.  He, along with the rest of the pack, will get his booster in 30 days.  That will put them all with peak protection for the Montana trip in September.  Last year, after 20+ years of never seeing a snake, we had several up close and personal encounters with Prairie Rattlers (one of the snakes protected against by this vaccine).  I was darn glad I'd had the foresight to vaccinate.  They say there are too many variables to speak with precision, but the vaccine should make the reaction much less and the recovery shorter.  Good enough for me. 

Also, I bought some Turtleskin Total Protection Snake Chaps.  They are so comfortable, I think they will replace the pair of Double Tin Filson Chaps I bought (and have worn since) 1991.  Aside from re-waxing every 4 years and patching with duct tape and denim iron-on patches, they are still looking pretty good.  And they bend in all the right places, that's for sure.  I'm going to keep them around, no doubt.  These Turtleskin Snake Chaps are very lightweight and comfortable and absolutely snake, water and wind proof.  I'm looking forward to trying them out behind a dog in a few months.  ( 

I also carry an emergency snake kit with steroids and benedyl and syringes. During the drive to the vet, I would inject the dog to lessen the effects.  I put the kit in a PVC tube and orange painted the ends, so I could find it in a hurry.  I have the instructions written in  Marker in the outside of the tube.  No mistakes.