Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dog Food Re-visited

This all began about 6 months ago, when I decided to try and find the best way to feed my dogs. I wanted them to get the best nutrition they could for strength, endurance, growth and coat.  Regardless what anyone says, buying "dog food" at the feed store is not the most efficient way to feed old Buck. They are not all the same.  Just because the national testing says it will maintain a dog doesn't mean it's good for your dog.  Here is what I've come to believe:  1.) dogs need meat.  2.) dogs need vegetables.  3.) dogs DO NOT need corn byproducts, corn meal, organic corn hulls, or anything corn.  3.) dogs need meat.  4.) dogs do not need grains, wheat, wheat by-products. 5.) dogs need meat.  

OK.  Turn the bag over and read the ingredient list.  The list is ordered by the amount, in bulk, of the ingredients.  For example, if the list is: Organic corn meal, corn, soybean meal, incredibly tasty pork chop by-products, vitamins, spray on fat, sand.  The largest, by volume, ingredient is corn.  Next is corn.  Then soybeans, then some sort of meat.  This is not a good feed.  It will be sold at large box stores as "Quality Dog Food". 

Here's what to look for in our dog food.  Meat, meat meal, fish, lamb, poultry, chicken or some type of meat should be Number One on the list of ingredients.  (Yes, by-products might be guts.  Dogs love guts.)  In addition, meat/chicken/fish should be the top 3 out of the next 4 ingredients. 

I found a good feed for my dogs.  It costs me $68/30 pounds.  I feed them 2.5 cups per day.  They are thriving. There are many great feeds out there.  Google "dog food rankings" and see what you get.  The premium dog food you thought was expensive may not be on the list!

Good Luck!