Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thinking about a "Paws on the Ground, Birds in the Bag" Seminar...

I've had some interest in a seminar for the non-hunter who'd like to learn a little about how to go about planning and executing a bird hunting trip.  The perfect attendee would be a pointing dog person (man or woman) with the time, inclination and where-with-all to take a week or so and go on a bird hunt; but they've never done it.  We would cover planning tips, equipment, dog care, species specific hunting techniques, navigation, etc. We'd spend a lot of time in questions and answers, how-to's, and some what-not-to-do's.   
My intention is to spread the word about bird hunting and the value of an outdoor sport in our society.  Is there a place for  a seminar like this?