Sunday, February 27, 2011

Woe is me.....

Limit of Ruffed Grouse
Since I travel to hunt, my hunting season is extended- September through February.  That is the GOOD news!  The BAD news is that once it's over, it is really over.  The entire country is closed and I have three prime, fit, ready-to-go bird dogs and no place to hunt.  I road them, run them, obedience train them and talk a lot about "next year", but slowly the depressing fact sinks in that we are DONE/finished.....Cleaning guns, gear and re-living the flushes and retrieves will be my way of life for 6 months.  Testing new gear and dreaming of new country to explore next year will help pass the time, of course.  Well, the dogs need feeding and kennels need cleaning....
ACE on quail 
Blues in NM
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