Monday, June 29, 2009

Garmin Astro

I've been using the Astro every day for a while now. I have to say, it appears rugged and it most definitely does everything they say it does. I like the way that it not only tracks the dogs, but allows you to put the data on a laptop and look at the track to get distance, average speed and a visual of the track on a map. I mark any whistling birds I come across on my sojourns and it keeps track of my current trip as well as the total mileage. The compass feature is also very useful. You don't have to be moving to have an accurate compass reading- very nice. But I noticed that it's best to re-calibrate the compass before every trip. I would like a more frequent update on the dogs, but 5 seconds is useable. When I decided to get one of these, I merely Googled the name and found it for $470 delivered to the house. Then, for the extra collar, I did the same thing and found it for $170 delivered. So total out of pocket for the handheld and 2 collars is $640.